340B Prime Vendor Program RSS Feeds

Never miss an update. Getting notifications for HRSA Frequently Asked Questions and 340B Tool updates is now easier than ever.


  1. Make sure your browser has an RSS reader. Most browsers have a default RSS reader, while Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge require extensions: Chrome extension | Microsoft Edge extension
  2. Look for the RSS icons  RSS icon on FAQ category pages and in each covered entity section of the 340B Tools page. A full list of PVP RSS feeds is below.
  3. Open the feed and click subscribe or paste the URL into your reader of choice.
  4. Get notifications within your reader every time a tool or FAQ is updated or added.
Really Simple Syndication

Really Simple Syndication (RSS) is a way to receive real-time updates from a website. Subscribing to an RSS feed ensures that a subscriber stays up to date without needing to visit the website regularly or overloading their email account with subscriptions.

How RSS works.

To subscribe to an RSS feed, you need an RSS reader. This is a software tool set up to monitor the website the user has subscribed to and provide updates as they are published on the source site. Readers can monitor multiple sites and the reader aggregates all updates in one place.

Don't have an RSS reader?

Some internet browsers like Safari, Firefox, and Internet Explorer have RSS readers incorporated into their user interface. Chrome offers an RSS Subscription Extension as a plugin that can be added to the browser. Microsoft Edge has various RSS options in the Edge Add-ons store. Third-party RSS readers are also available for browsers that don’t include the capability. For additional options, including mobile-friendly readers, search "RSS Feed Readers" in your favorite search engine. 

Information gathered by an RSS feeder is available directly from the reader. It captures the information in real time, so a subscriber can easily stay up to date by checking the reader. Because an RSS subscription doesn’t communicate through email, there is no risk that important updates get lost in spam filters or missed in a long list of daily emails. Notifications will appear in your browser or app depending on the reader you've selected.

Subscribing to 340B Prime Vendor Program RSS feeds

To add an RSS feed to your reader of choice, click on the title of the RSS feed below.

How Can We Help?

All 340B stakeholders have equal access to technical assistance by contacting the Apexus Answers call center. We provide HRSA-aligned answers ranging from basic to complex, via phone 888.340.BPVP (2787), live chat, and email. We are here to help you navigate the 340B Program.