Online or in person, 340B University is available at no cost to support program integrity. Learners choose the solution that fits their needs.


Apexus Answers aligns with HRSA policy and guidance. Our staff is in constant communication with HRSA to ensure that information is accurate and up to date.


Covered entities can access brand and generic product discounts and lower costs on non-340B items such as vaccines and medical supplies.

Access the Benefits of the 340B Prime Vendor Program (PVP)
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Covered entities can access brand and generic product discounts and lower costs on non-340B items such as vaccines and medical supplies.

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The 340B Prime Vendor Program partners with suppliers, and together support 340B covered entities’ needs to deliver quality, cost-effective care for our nation’s safety-net providers.

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The 340B Prime Vendor Program distribution network includes distributors of all sizes and types to accommodate the specific needs of entities.

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Online or in person, curriculum is available at no cost to support program integrity. Choose the solution that fits your needs. Programs are intended to build on one another, from basic to more advanced offerings.

Customized Reports

In addition to the contract catalog, the secure PVP website offers contracting resources and analytics to help participants make informed purchasing decisions and find operational opportunities.

Customized Reports for 340B Prime Vendor Program Participants


Your 340B Program Partner

The 340B Prime Vendor Program (PVP) is a contract awarded by HRSA, which is responsible for supporting the 340B Drug Pricing Program. The Prime Vendor negotiates pricing discounts with participating manufacturers, provides education and resources such as 340B University, and offers technical assistance through Apexus Answers.

The PVP is a voluntary program for covered entities and manufacturers alike. There is no fee for eligible covered entities to enroll and participate in the program.

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Our employees, including the C-suite, use Prime Vendor educational videos and resources to learn about 340B compliance and reinforce that 340B is not just a pharmacy program. The Prime Vendor’s sub-340B pricing contracts along with added value offerings provide additional savings for our organization which allow us to expand outreach to patients regardless of their ability to pay.

Michael T. Lin, PharmD,
Director of Pharmacy Services
Family Health Centers

340B PVP Resources
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The Prime Vendor has developed tools to help put 340B policy into practice.

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Partner with the 340B PVP to better serve our mutual customers in the 340B market.


Provides you with guidance and best practices.

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Your source for reliable 340B information that is aligned with HRSA policy.

New and Noteworthy


Manufacturer Refund Service

Apexus facilities refunds to CEs bu directly refunding affected facilities.

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November 2021 ISMP Medication Safety Alert

November 2021 ISMP Medication Safety Alert covering medication-related errors, adverse drug reactions, and implications for community practice sites, as well as recommendations for improving medication safety within communities.

November 2021 Contract Update

November 2021 contract updates, including new contracts, pricing decreases, product additions or deletions, and other important announcements for Prime Vendor Program Participants.

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