340B Program online learning modules are authored by subject matter experts to
align with HRSA policy.

Learn essential compliance elements of the 340B Program by completing the curriculum at your own pace from your home or office.

Core Curriculum

Complete OnDemand modules to gain a foundational understanding of the 340B Program prior to attending in-person trainings or virtual offerings, such as a webinar or office hours session. Earning a statement of completion takes approximately four hours.

Re-enroll in the curriculum to update your Transcript and earn a new statement of completion. Re-enrollment is available one year from the date of previous completion, and is commonly used to fulfill employer 340B training requirements.

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Module Title


Provides a foundational overview of the 340B Program and serves as a primer for the rest of the modules in the curriculum. Closed captioning available.

Describes the major stakeholders and their roles in the 340B Program. Closed captioning available.

Outlines the types of 340B-eligible organizations and compliance best practices for covered entities. Closed captioning available.

340B Pricing
15 minutes
Updated May 2024

Describes how the 340B prices are calculated and the functions of manufacturers, wholesalers, and HRSA in 340B pricing. Closed captioning available.

Compliance Cornerstones
14 minutes
Updated January 2024

Provides an overview of the compliance cornerstones of the 340B Program, including prevention of diversion and duplicate discounts, GPO Prohibition, and the Orphan Drug Exclusion. Closed captioning available.

340B and Medicaid
12 minutes

Defines duplicate discounts and how they occur, as well as stakeholder roles in identifying and/or preventing them. Closed captioning available.

HRSA’s Medicaid Exclusion File
9 minutes
Updated February 2024

Discusses the role of the Medicaid Exclusion File (MEF) in preventing duplicate discounts and the uses of the MEF by 340B stakeholders. Closed captioning available.

Provides an overview of the various drug delivery models in 340B implementation and identifies decision points and best practices for each model. Closed captioning available.

Defines the Orphan Drug Exclusion, which entities are subject to its requirements, and approaches for compliance. Closed captioning available.

GPO Prohibition
10 Minutes
Updated February 2024

Defines the GPO Prohibition, which entities are subject to its requirements, and when an entity may use a GPO in a compliant manner. Closed captioning available.

Contract Pharmacy
16 Minutes

Discusses compliance and operational considerations for using a contract pharmacy arrangement. Closed captioning available.

Discusses compliance and operational considerations of using an entity-owned pharmacy model. Closed captioning available.

Discusses 340B inventory models in mixed-use areas of a hospital, and the role of split-billing software when purchasing from multiple accounts. Closed captioning available.

Discusses the process of HRSA and manufacturer audits of covered entities, as well as types of self-audits to maintain a compliant 340B program. Closed captioning available.

PVP Contracting
12 Minutes

Describes the role and benefits of the Prime Vendor Program (PVP), including contracting solutions to provide value for PVP participants. Closed captioning available.

Tailored to executive leadership; discusses the value and risks to an organization by participating in the 340B Program.

Outlines compliance and operational requirements for manufacturers, including the requirements of the pharmaceutical pricing agreement. Closed captioning available.

Outlines compliance and operational best practices for distributors, including the role in processing chargebacks.

Supplemental Courses

Supplemental learning modules are available to enhance baseline knowledge following completion of the OnDemand core curriculum. Supplemental courses focus on pharmacy operations, application of PVP resources and tools, as well as considerations for compliance.


A Buyer’s Introduction to 340B >

15 Minutes
Helps buyers understand the 340B Program and how it affects procurement processes.

A Buyer’s Guide to the PVP >

15 Minutes
Helps buyers understand the purpose of the 340B Prime Vendor Program and how to find education and support tools for stakeholders on the PVP website.

340B Compliance Concepts for Buyers Part 1 >

15 Minutes
Understand what diversion and duplicate discounts are in the 340B Program and how they can help prevent violations at entities.

340B Compliance Concepts for Buyers Part 2 >

15 Minutes
Understand 340B Program compliance concepts around the Group Purchasing Organization (GPO) Prohibition and the Orphan Drug Exclusion.


Basics of Compliant Purchasing and the Prime Vendor's Role in Purchasing >

15 Minutes
Understand the foundations of purchasing decisions at a hospital and the role of Apexus as the 340B Prime Vendor.

PVP Distribution Network and Account Type Contract Loads >

15 Minutes
Review the role of the PVP Distribution Network, as well as the different types of contract pricing, including PVP contracts, that are loaded to each of type of purchasing account to support compliance purchasing practices.

Understanding PVP Contracts >

15 Minutes
Explore the Prime Vendor's contracts to enable your covered entity to make informed purchasing decisions.

PVP Resources for Informed Purchasing >

15 Minutes
Explore the tools available for Prime Vendor Program participants, including the PVP Catalog and purchasing tools that aid in compliant and optimized purchasing.


Managing Physical Clinic Inventory >

10 Minutes
Review key 340B compliance considerations and best practices when setting up and maintaining 340B physical inventory in a clinic setting.

Test drive 340B University OnDemand

View Module 1: Introduction to the 340B Drug Pricing Program (13 min).

340B Education Roadmap

See a list of all education opportunities available to you and common paths to advance your 340B knowledge. Learn skills commonly needed to fulfill employers' annual 340B training requirements.

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