PVP Entity Enrollment

Save on drug costs and gain access to other valuable services by enrolling in the Prime Vendor Program (PVP).

Enroll in the 340B PVP

Once enrolled in the PVP, your 340B account will include PVP pricing contracts with discounts on brand, generic, and specialty drug products. The Prime Vendor also delivers lower costs on non-340B items such as vaccines and medical supplies. Enrollment is voluntary and the application takes just a few minutes to complete.

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Access Discounted Pricing on the Secure Participant Website

Enrolling in the PVP grants you access to the PVP secure website, a password-protected online resource that allows participants to access information on discounted pricing in a secure environment. Access to the secure website must be requested after your facility has enrolled in the Prime Vendor Program.

PVP secure website features:

Want a quick 340B overview?

Watch 340B OnDemand Module 1, “Introduction to the 340B Drug Pricing Program,” and get the basics in less than 15 minutes.