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Searchable state-by-state Medicaid 340B requirements

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Why this resource is necessary

This resource has been created by the 340B Prime Vendor Program to assist stakeholders by combining the most recently available 340B-specific Medicaid data with publicly available federal data. Please note that additional requirements or contractual obligations that may be in place from third-party payers are not included in this resource.

What are Medicaid carve-in percentages?

The Medicaid carve-in percentage table displays the percentages and number of covered entities that intend to dispense/administer 340B drugs to Medicaid FFS patients (carving in). Expand the window to see data for specific entity types. Select a state in the dropdown window below to see state-specific details.

State Medicaid details

Select your state in the dropdown window to display information on retail prescriptions, provider- or facility-administered drugs, and contract pharmacies.

State Medicaid contacts

Select your state in the dropdown window to display technical, rebate, and policy contact information for that state’s Medicaid drug rebate program liaisons.

Please note: The data presented on this website are a compilation of information from various sources. However, the information is not endorsed by HRSA and not dispositive in determining compliance with the 340B Drug Pricing Program. 340B stakeholders are ultimately responsible for 340B Program compliance and compliance with all applicable state and federal laws and regulations. Stakeholders are encouraged to contact the states to verify current policy/requirements.

Medicaid Carve in Percentages


% Carve-IN

Number of 340B CEs

Change from Prior Quarter

% Carve-IN

Number of 340B CEs

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