Pharmaceutical Suppliers

The 340B Prime Vendor Program partners with suppliers, and together support 340B covered entities’ needs to deliver quality, cost-effective care for our nation’s safety-net providers.

Partnering for supportive 340B Program contracting solutions

The 340B Prime Vendor partners with more than 150 pharmaceutical companies to provide discounts on outpatient drugs to 340B safety-net providers. PVP and our contracted suppliers work together to provide value to covered entities while supporting program integrity and transparency.

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Pharmaceutical Suppliers

Why become a 340B Prime Vendor supplier?

Flexible contracting solutions support customer uptake.

PVP helps you drive value to serve our mutual customers across the continuum of care in the 340B market.

PVP contracts have guardrails to support accuracy through a pricing integrity auditing program that helps decrease pricing errors and restatements.

PVP Secure Website Access

Join our supplier team

An agreement with the 340B Prime Vendor positions your organization as a dedicated supplier partner that serves the contracting needs of a diverse range of 340B covered entities, from large hospitals and academic medical centers to small federal grantee clinics. The 340B Prime Vendor provides data-driven solutions, expertise and collaborative opportunities that support increased access, visibility and confidence in contracted price integrity for our supplier partners.

340B PVP Manufacturer Refund Service helps manufacturers and covered entities efficiently resolve overcharges
Access top PVP resources created for suppliers
340B University for Manufacturers >

The PVP provides educational events customized for manufacturers that offer a broad overview of 340B Program requirements, manufacturer best practices for 340B program implementation shared by peers, and insight into partnerships between suppliers and the Prime Vendor.

340B University OnDemand >

A manufacturer curriculum offering essential compliance elements of the 340B Program from the manufacturer’s perspective. Allows you to complete the curriculum at your own pace from your home or office. Users who complete all modules and the course evaluation will receive a statement of completion.

PVP Secure Website >

Partnering as a supplier in the PVP grants you access to the PVP secure website, a password-protected online portal that provides resources for suppliers such as PVP participant lists, templates, tools and more.

Manufacturer Refund Service >

Facilitates refunds to covered entities by sending refunds directly to affected facilities, primarily through its authorized distribution network. This service helps support manufacturers to bring efficiency to the task of processing these refunds.

Sample HRSA 340B Audit Data Request for Manufacturers >

Download a sample data request list for a HRSA 340B audit.

Education Roadmap for Manufacturers >

View all education available for manufacturers and common paths to advance your 340B knowledge. Learn skills commonly needed to fulfill employers' annual 340B training requirements.

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