Education Roadmap

View all education available to you by stakeholder type and common paths to advance your 340B knowledge. Learn skills commonly needed to fulfill employers' annual 340B training requirements.

Procurement Office Hours

Individuals who have a role in procuring 340B drugs must be knowledgeable about program compliance elements for 340B-related decision making in their day-to-day workflows. The purpose of Procurement Office Hours is to provide an overview of key elements regarding both compliance and stewardship in 340B drug purchasing, assign actionable follow-up items to apply at your organization, and facilitate an open Q&A session for you to engage with peers and experienced faculty on operational topics.

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Need a Short Primer on 340B?

When you need to quickly understand 340B, watch “Introduction to the 340B Drug Pricing Program,” Module 1. You’ll get the basics in less than 15 minutes.