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PVP Covered Entity and Manufacturer 340B Refund Panel

May 21–23, 2024 | New Orleans, LA

Gain new 340B perspectives from covered entity and manufacturer experts at the Prime Vendor Program (PVP) panel discussion session, 340B Refunds. Register to attend Life Sciences Pricing & Contracting USA. (Conference registration is required to participate. Use promo code “24APEXUS10” on new registrations for 10% savings; some exclusions apply.)

340B Refunds

Wednesday, May 22

2:35–3:15 p.m. CT

Manufacturers often need to refund 340B covered entities for product overcharges, and covered entities often need to refund manufacturers when they have received incorrect 340B discounts. Hear directly from representatives of manufacturers and a covered entity in this panel led by the 340B Prime Vendor, Apexus.


  • Define the guidelines for refunds in the 340B Drug Pricing Program.
  • Identify the potential reasons necessitating both manufacturers and covered entities to conduct refunds.
  • Assess leading practices, considerations, and potential obstacles in the refund process for both manufacturers and covered entities.
  • Discuss perspectives on good-faith inquiries when potential discrepancies are discovered.

Panel Moderator

Cathy Gilgore
Associate Principal, Manufacturer Refund Service 340B Prime Vendor Program


Katy Lees, MS, 340B ACE
Director of 340B Policy and Business Strategy
University of Rochester Medical Center


Kaelyn Buck
Senior Director


Jennifer Lospinoso
Managing Director and Consulting Lead

Join us in New Orleans at the in-person conference for the Prime Vendor-moderated presentation. Visit our booth to learn more about how the PVP can assist with your 340B planning and operations.

The 340B Prime Vendor facilitates the refund process for manufacturers.

The 340B PVP Facilitates the Refund Process with Experience, Relationships, and Resources

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340B Prime Vendor Resources for Manufacturers

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