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Frequently Asked Questions

Apexus PVP is communicating these HRSA FAQs with the intention of improving program compliance. Additional FAQs may be available to address specific circumstances by contacting Apexus Answers. The removal of an FAQ from the website does not imply that the FAQ is no longer supported by HRSA. Certain FAQs are best applied when details are presented in the appropriate context, according to a specific covered entity's situation, and Apexus Answers can facilitate that level of communication and application. 

Please also see HRSA's website for  additional 340B FAQs.

Searching tips:

  • The FAQs are organized by categories and subcategories.
  • Each FAQ has a numerical ID; this number can be useful if you are trying to identify the FAQ for discussion with others, including Apexus Answers.

To search:

  • Enter a search term in the search box.
  • The results will be displayed.

To narrow a search:

  • After an initial search is completed, narrow the search results by clicking on one of the categories or subcategories on the left.
  • Clicking on one of these categories or subcategories will return only the FAQs that meet the selected search term that falls within the category or subcategory you selected.

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