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340B Presentations at Manufacturer Conferences

Attend new 340B panel discussions moderated by the HRSA 340B Prime Vendor at key manufacturer conferences in 2021.

Join us to better understand 340B Program best practices.

Attend our Prime Vendor Program (PVP) moderated panel discussions to gain perspective from multiple 340B stakeholder experts. We look forward to providing opportunities to network with 340B experts—speakers, fellow 340B colleagues, and other stakeholders—through live Q&A and virtual booths.

Register to attend each of these conferences to participate in the PVP-led sessions. (Conference registration is required to participate).

Manufacturer Drug Rebate Program (MDRP)

October 12-14, 2021

Session: 340B Manufacturer Education Series by the HRSA 340B Prime Vendor

Session dates and times to be determined.

Session participants will gain insight into 340B Drug Pricing Program expectations and best practices for pharmaceutical manufacturers, including:

  • Best Practices in Manufacturer Approaches to 340B Program Compliance
  • Understanding Covered Entity Operations and Good Faith Inquiries (GFIs)
  • The Role of the HRSA 340B Prime Vendor
  • Manufacturer and Covered Entity Best Practices for Managing 340B Refunds

Apexus Answers Call Center

For questions, or to request additional information regarding specific 340B Prime Vendor Program services or programs offered by Apexus, please see contact information below:


888 340 BPVP (2787)

8:00 a.m.- 5:00 p.m. CT

Apexus Answers
340B Prime Vendor Program (PVP) Resources to Support Manufacturers
Increase Operational Efficiency >

The 340B PVP Manufacturer Refund Service (MRS) facilitates refunds to covered entities by refunding directly to affected facilities, primarily through its authorized distribution network.

340B CMP Final Rule and OPAIS >

Read our article about 340B regulatory changes and their impact, as well as best practices for manufacturers.

340B Prime Vendor Program Managed by Apexus >

The Prime Vendor supports the HRSA 340B Drug Pricing Program as a voluntary program for covered entities and manufacturers.

Outpatient Pharmaceutical Contracting >

Partner with the 340B PVP to support mutual customers.

Customized 340B University Online Learning (OnDemand) for Manufacturers >

Learn essential manufacturer compliance elements of the 340B Program at no cost, 24/7. Module descriptions available here.

340B Audit Tool for Manufacturers >

Proactively prepare the information you may need for a HRSA audit using the PVP’s Sample HRSA 340B Audit Data Request for Manufacturers.

340B Glossary of Terms >

Access common terms used in the 340B Program and their definitions.

340B PVP Distribution Network >

The 340B PVP nationwide distribution network facilitates covered entity product access and compliance.

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