Manufacturer Refund Svc

Assisting Manufacturers With 340B Refunds

When pharmaceutical manufacturers must restate or recalculate pricing, resulting in the need to issue refunds to covered entities, Apexus’ Manufacturer Refund Service can help.

Do you have a trusted solution for refunding overcharges? Apexus' Manufacturer Refund Service supports the Health Resources and Services Administration's (HRSA's) mandate for integrity and compliance in the marketplace, and helps mitigate risk and save time and money.

Mitigate Risk Save Time Save Money
Timely refund of overcharges for 340B program integrity Refunds processed within 90 days; enable your staff to focus on other priorities Apexus' proprietary databases enable a lower cost solution

Efficiency Accuracy Due Diligence
Apexus manages all the refund operations and processes Correct refunds are issued as credits through the entity's pharmaceutical 
distributor, or sent by check
Apexus will provide all research required and full documentation

How it works

What is The Manufacturer  Refund Service?

Manufacturers sometimes need to provide refunds to 340B covered entities after restating their average manufacturer price (AMP) and/or Medicaid best price (BP), which results in a recalculation of the 340B ceiling price. In such situations, Apexus' Manufacturer Refund Service facilitates the processing of refunds as credits, directly to each covered entity's pharmacy distributor account.

Apexus Forms Alliance with CIS by Deloitte: 340B Price Restatement and Refund Service

CIS by Deloitte and Apexus have simplified the process so that when manufacturers need to prepare restatements and provide refunds, they have experienced advisors who can help save time, money, and resources. 

Why Engage Apexus?

In support of initiatives for improving the integrity and compliance of the 340B program, Apexus offers the Manufacturer Refund Service, a fee-for-service program for pharmaceutical manufacturers who have a need to refund overcharges to eligible 340B entities.

Email Coni Rodgers, Portfolio Executive, to request more information regarding the program.


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