About Us

About Apexus

Apexus Apexus serves as the exclusive contractor for the 340B Drug Pricing Program, managed by the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA). As the 340B prime vendor, Apexus works closely with HRSA’s Office of Pharmacy Affairs to enable approved hospitals, health clinics and other healthcare safety-net organizations to optimize the value of the 340B drug pricing by both reducing costs and supporting entities’ efficient use of their resources so they can continue to serve their communities. Apexus also operates Apexus Answers, the national call center available for all stakeholder questions, and manages in-depth 340B educational programs through 340B University™ to support stakeholder compliance and program integrity.

Founded in 2007 and based in Irving, Texas, Apexus currently serves more than 25,000 safety-net providers by delivering additional savings on pharmaceuticals through the 340B Prime Vendor Program (PVP).

Our Role as the Prime Vendor

The 340B Prime Vendor Program (PVP) is managed by Apexus through a contract awarded by Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA), the federal government branch responsible for administering the 340B Drug Pricing Program.

As the government’s awarded 340B Prime Vendor, Apexus is responsible for securing sub-ceiling discounts on outpatient drug purchases and discounts on other pharmacy related products and services for participating public hospitals, community health centers, and other safety-net health care providers electing to join the program.

The Prime Vendor Program serves participants in three primary roles:

  1. Negotiates sub-ceiling 340B pricing on branded and generic pharmaceuticals
  2. Establishes distribution solutions and networks that improve access to affordable medications
  3. Provides other value-added pharmacy related products and services to its participants

We are continually working to add distributors to the Prime Vendor network and negotiate a portfolio of drugs below the 340B ceiling pricing so that the health care organizations participating in the 340B PVP will maximize additional savings, benefits and value.

About the 340B Prime Vendor Program

The 340B Program enables hospitals, community health centers, clinics and other safety net providers to purchase outpatient pharmaceuticals at discounted pricing, thereby expanding access to care to low-income and vulnerable segments of the population.

The program is a free federal benefit to all eligible entities and requires registration with Apexus to have access to the sub-ceiling pricing.

Benefits of the Prime Vendor Program include:

  • No cost to participate
  • Leverages collective purchasing power of more than 18,000 PVP participants with over $5 billion in pharmacy purchases
  • Offers steeper discounts since it is the only program with authority to offer total price protection to branded pharmaceutical manufacturers for outpatient covered drugs
  • Allows access to a broad contract portfolio of sub-340B priced products with longer-term contracts to better manage formulary decisions and stabilize budget fluctuations
  • Continue to use existing authorized distributor to access program’s product pricing
  • Verification of Prime Vendor pricing and 340B PHS ceiling pricing from manufacturers via a secure Web site
  • Compatible with disproportionate share hospitals designated GPO responsible for securing discounts in the inpatient setting
  • Compatible with in-house or contract pharmacy
  • Exclusive discounts on other pharmacy related products, supplies, and services
    • Prescription vials
    • Vaccines, diabetic meters/strips and other non covered drugs
    • Contract pharmacy vendors
    • Patient assistance program software
    • 340B split billing software solutions
    • Pharmacy technology and automation
    • Interactive voice response (IVR) systems
    • Returned goods processes
    • Unit-of-use and repackaging services
    • Auditing and overcharge recovery services