Essential 340B Education for All Stakeholders

Online or in person, 340B University is available at no cost to support program integrity. Learners choose the solution that fits their needs.

340B University OnDemand : Learning on your schedule

Learn essential compliance elements of the 340B Program by completing the curriculum at your own pace from your home or office. Users who complete all modules and the course evaluation will receive a statement of completion.

Complete 340B University OnDemand prior to attending a 340B University event.

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Free 24/7 online access to learning modules

Modules may be accessed at any time. Learners may re-enroll in any previously completed modules to update their transcript completion date to the current date for that module. Re-enrolling is commonly used to fulfill employer annual 340B training requirements.

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Attend a Live 340B University


340B University: Learning from your peers

Learn from 340B subject matter experts by attending this in-person educational program focused on meeting the practical needs of 340B stakeholders. Sessions are led by experienced faculty from the Prime Vendor, covered entities, manufacturers, and pharmaceutical distributors.

Attendees are encouraged to complete 340B University OnDemand prior to attending a 340B University event.

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340B University

340B University is an interactive full-day educational program offered at locations around the country with a rotating schedule of course topics focusing on compliance cornerstones, practical applications, and perspectives of different stakeholders in the program.

Specially designed breakout sessions will help attendees enhance program integrity by learning from industry experts and networking with peers. Attendees are encouraged to login and complete 340B University OnDemand prior to attending a live event. 340B University is intended for those new to 340B and is not intended as an annual update.

Continuing education credit is available for pharmacists and pharmacy technicians.

340B University objectives

After completing 340B University, whether through OnDemand or live, participants should be able to:

  • Describe the intent, eligibility requirements, and compliance cornerstones of the 340B Program.
  • Discuss oversight best practices at covered entities, including self-audits and development of 340B policies and procedures.
  • Understand perspectives and responsibilities of pharmaceutical manufacturers and wholesale distributors in providing 340B pricing to covered entities.
  • Explain different areas in which 340B drugs may be used, including outpatient areas, mixed-use areas, entity-owned pharmacies, and contract pharmacy arrangements.

340B University target audiences

Both 340B University and OnDemand offerings are designed for 340B participants and stakeholders, including:

  • Stakeholders responsible for 340B Program compliance at covered entities or pharmaceutical manufacturers, including leadership
  • Pharmacists managing the dispensing of 340B inventory
  • Pharmacy technicians responsible for pharmacy purchasing, dispensing, and/or inventory management
  • Consultants
  • Pharmaceutical distributors/wholesalers
  • Contract pharmacies
  • Other stakeholders.

340B Tools

Looking for resources to support oversight of your 340B program? The Prime Vendor has developed 340B tools to promote program integrity.

340B Tools

How is OnDemand different from 340B University?

340B University OnDemand is an online educational program designed to provide 340B training to stakeholders on their schedule. Enrollees have the option to complete all modules to gain new knowledge or focus on specific topics based on their areas of interest. Users who complete all modules and the course evaluation will receive a statement of completion.

Modules are authored by 340B subject matter experts to align with HRSA policy. Completion of the entire curriculum takes approximately 4 hours. Individual modules generally take 10 to 15 minutes to complete and can be taken at the learner’s convenience. Tailored curricula are available for federally qualified health centers (FQHCs), manufacturers, and distributors.

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If you are an employee of a health care facility, register as a covered entity. Select your organization type in the drop-down menu. You will automatically be enrolled into the appropriate curriculum.

Select Non-Covered Entity if you are an employee of a manufacturer, distributor, consultant, or other stakeholder. Select your organization type in the drop-down menu. You will automatically be enrolled in the appropriate curriculum.

Why Choose 340B University OnDemand™

Katheryne Richardson, PharmD, Vice President of 340B Policy and Compliance at Apexus, talks about the online education program and how it benefits 340B participants.

Test drive 340B University OnDemand

View Module 1: Introduction to the 340B Drug Pricing Program (13 min).

340B University Virtual Workshop™

340B University Virtual Workshop is an interactive online event designed to bring 340B stakeholders together to discuss operational solutions and best practices for 340B topics. Participants collaborate with peers throughout the event via live polling and by breaking out into smaller groups to work through real-world case studies led by experienced 340B University peer faculty.