Covered Entities

Apexus works with healthcare providers across the United States to lower their costs for purchasing outpatient pharmaceutical products, allowing them to stretch their resources to serve more low-income and uninsured patients.


Apexus provides stability to the pharmaceutical market by assisting manufacturers and others to successfully compete in the program while maintaining program compliance.


Apexus works with diverse distributors from across the nation, from major distributors to specialty ones. Apexus has developed a distribution system that ensures covered entities equal access to a wide variety of 340B drugs.

Contract Pharmacies

Apexus offers education, tools, and resources for contract pharmacies to better understand their role in the 340B program.


Apexus works closely with numerous health care and pharmaceutical associations to review 340B policy initiatives, educate association members about the 340B system, and keep them updated about new announcements and changes to the program.


Apexus is the HRSA endorsed expert and partner providing reliable tools and resources aligning with HRSA policy in order to deliver value to stakeholders through contracting, education, and operational support services.


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