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Medicaid & Government Pricing Congress

May 23–25, 2022 | In-Person | Philadelphia, PA
June 1–2, 2022 | Virtual

Register to attend the Medicaid & Government Pricing Congress to gain insights from the Prime Vendor Program panel discussion session. (Conference registration is required to participate. Use promo code “APEXUS” on new registrations for 10% savings; some exclusions apply.)

HRSA Manufacturer Audits—Best Practices

Wednesday, May 25
11:25 am–12:05 pm ET

Learn tips from 340B experts on how manufacturers can best prepare for and go through a manufacturer audit by attending our upcoming live panel discussion, "HRSA Manufacturer Audits—Best Practices," moderated by Apexus, the HRSA 340B Prime Vendor.

  • Review manufacturer 340B compliance requirements and HRSA integrity initiatives
  • Discuss how manufacturers can prepare for a HRSA audit
  • Share best practices for going through the HRSA audit process
  • Highlight key steps toward developing and implementing a successful corrective action plan (CAP)


Mike Benedict
Senior Vice President, Operations


Marcy Imada
Managing Director
Deloitte & Touche LLP


Paula C. Martins
Director, Government Pricing & Contract Operations
Eisai US


Christopher H. Schott
Latham & Watkins LLP

Join us in Philadelphia at the in-person conference for our PVP presentation. Visit our booth to learn about the 340B PVP Manufacturer Refund Service (MRS) from Cathy Gilgore and say hello to 340B University faculty member, Gavin Magaha, to learn about new educational resources the PVP has to help support manufacturers, such as manufacturer education roadmaps, 340B University education library, Medicaid webpage, and customized PVP supplier reports for contracted manufacturers. You can also talk to Gabe Ocampo to learn more about contracting initiatives with the PVP.

Cathy Gilgore, MBA
Manufacturer Refund Service Director

Gavin Magaha, PharmD, MS, 340B ACE
Manager of 340B Education and Compliance Support

Gabe Ocampo, MBA
Brand Manufacturer Executive

We look forward to interacting with you at the conference.


Accurately and efficiently refund covered entities for product overcharges with MRS.

Learn More >

340B PVP Manufacturer Refund Service
Access top PVP resources created for manufacturers
Manufacturer Refund Service >

Facilitates refunds to covered entities by sending refunds directly to affected facilities, primarily through its authorized distribution network. This service helps support manufacturers to bring efficiency to the task of processing these refunds.

Manufacturer Contracting Solutions >

The 340B Prime Vendor Program partners with suppliers; together they support 340B covered entities’ needs to deliver quality, cost-effective care for our nation’s safety-net providers.

Sample HRSA 340B Audit Data Request for Manufacturers >

Review an example data request list for a HRSA 340B manufacturer audit.

Regulatory Changes >

Read about 340B regulatory changes and their impact and best practices for manufacturers.

340B University Online Learning (OnDemand) >

A manufacturer curriculum offering essential compliance elements of the 340B Program from the manufacturer’s perspective. Allows you to complete the curriculum at your own pace from your home or office. Users who complete all modules and the course evaluation will receive a statement of completion.

Education Roadmap for Manufacturers >

See a list of all education opportunities available to manufacturers and common paths to advance your 340B knowledge.

Glossary >

Definitions for commonly used 340B terms.

PVP Secure Website >

Partnering as a supplier in the PVP grants you access to the PVP secure website, a password-protected online portal that provides resources for suppliers such as PVP participant lists, templates, tools and more.

340B PVP Distribution Network >

The 340B PVP nationwide distribution network facilitates covered entity product access and compliance.

Medicaid Resources >

Searchable state-by-state Medicaid 340B requirements.

340B PVP Event Calendar >

Overview of upcoming live and online events with dates and locations along with information and registration links.


Frequently asked questions (FAQs) provided by HRSA to address common 340B Program compliance questions.

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