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PVP Presentations at 340B Coalition Summer Conference

Join us at PVP 2021 Coalition Summer Presentations

Join us to better understand 340B Program best practices.

We hope you enjoyed the 340B Coalition 2021 Summer Conference. The HRSA 340B Prime Vendor, managed by Apexus, participated in four sessions, sharing new 340B updates and training opportunities with all 340B stakeholders.

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340B Essentials Part 2: Building Your 340B Knowledge and Network

Pre-Conference Workshops | Live/On-Demand
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It is important for 340B professionals to stay up to date on the latest 340B Program developments. In the second part of the pre-conference workshop, attendees will learn about the tools and resources available for continuing 340B education, including the 340B Prime Vendor, Apexus, and your colleagues in the 340B community. Panelists will also discuss common 340B questions to reinforce information addressed in part 1 of the 340B Essentials workshop.

Learning Objectives:

  • Explain the role of the 340B Prime Vendor Program
  • Discuss 340B inventory management
  • Describe 340B Program intent
  • Review 340B Program compliance requirements

Session Speaker:

Karrah Pacheco

Karrah Pacheco, MBA, CPhT, 340B ACE
Senior Portfolio Executive
340B PVP, Apexus

Karrah Pacheco, MBA, CPhT, 340B ACE, is a Senior Portfolio Executive for Apexus, the 340B Prime Vendor. In this role, she is responsible for several key distributor relationships, including contract negotiations, education, and escalation support. She manages generic drug strategies for the Prime Vendor Distribution Network, which consists of 29 traditional, specialty, and medical-surgical distributors. She has more than 15 years of experience in pharmacy and supply chain negotiations and consulting. Before assuming her role with Apexus, she served as a director of clinical services with Texas Health Resources and a senior advisor for consulting services with Vizient. She received her MBA from the University of Texas at Tyler. She also is a Certified Pharmacy Technician and a 340B Apexus Certified Expert (ACE).

Inventory Management: Strategies for Compliance and Efficiency

Track 1: 340B Operations: Experiences from the Field | Live/On-Demand
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340B providers maintain complex inventory management systems to ensure compliance with 340B program rules, including patient definition, the duplicate discount prohibition, and the GPO Prohibition for certain hospitals. In addition, covered entities must obtain access to drugs, monitor pricing across multiple accounts and settings, and maintain budgetary balance within their departments. This panel will address compliance for purchasing drugs, managing manufacturer-donated or patient assistance program-provided drug compliance, managing inventory, reconciliation, documentation of adjustments, and self-auditing your inventory practices.

Learning Objectives:

  • Describe best practices for managing inventory and adjustments to ensure prevention of diversion
  • Identify inventory purchasing management processes that are compliant with 340B rules
  • Identify strategies preventing accumulations of non-purchased drugs

Session Speaker:

Michelle Fox

Michelle Fox, MBA, CGMS, 340B ACE
340B Education and Compliance Lead
340B PVP, Apexus

Michelle Fox is a manager on the Education and Compliance Team at Apexus. She came from a large FQHC in Washington and Oregon, where she was the senior director of pharmacy services and operated nine retail in-house pharmacies, one highly automated high-volume central fill and mail facility, and contract pharmacy arrangements with multiple chain pharmacies.

HRSA 340B Prime Vendor Program (PVP) Update

Plenary Sessions | Live/On-Demand
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The HRSA 340B PVP serves the 340B community by establishing a national distribution network, negotiating lower 340B drug prices for covered entities, and providing 340B education and technical assistance. This update from the HRSA 340B PVP will highlight case study examples of collaboration among covered entities, manufacturers, wholesalers, and HRSA to deliver solutions together through the PVP.

Learning Objectives:

  • Identify resources PVP provides to support 340B stakeholders
  • Define the roles of various stakeholders in 340B implementation

Session Speaker:

Chris Clement
Director, Distribution Services
340B PVP, Apexus

Chris Clement has 20 years of experience in 340B, pharmaceutical distribution, and generic pharmacy strategies. He has spent the past seven years with the 340B Prime Vendor, Apexus, and is Director of the Prime Vendor Distribution Network consisting of 29 traditional, specialty, and medical-surgical distributors. He has been a guest speaker at several industry conferences regarding 340B operations and implementation, and he has served on the 340B University faculty. He also is a 340B Apexus Certified Expert. Prior to joining Apexus, he built his career through 13 years with AmerisourceBergen as a subject matter expert on the generic pharmaceutical marketplace as well as a field sales coach, trainer, analyst, and key account contact. His diverse background in the wholesaler industry gives him unique insight into the generics marketplace and understanding of the 340B supply chain.

Vendor Demo: Prime Vendor Program 340B Education and Buyer-Focused Resource Update

Vendor Demos | Live
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Attend the Prime Vendor Program’s (PVP's) Vendor Demo session to learn about new 340B education resources. Access online curricula, interact through a virtual learning program, or attend in-person events from basic to more advanced topics. New to 340B and want to make sure you get the most out of 340B University? Access our roadmaps for covered entities, manufacturers, or distributors to guide you through helpful resources.

Are you a pharmacy buyer? We’ll also detail our buyer-focused resources.

  • New Buyer’s Basics online learning modules for those new to the 340B Program
  • Live purchasing office hours sessions that educate buyers on procurement topics with live Q&A sessions
  • Purchasing publications that outline important compliance considerations

Session Speakers:

Elizabeth Faust

Elizabeth Faust, MHA, 340B ACE
340B Education and Compliance Support Specialist
340B PVP, Apexus

Elizabeth Faust, MHA, is an Education and Compliance Support Specialist at Apexus. She is working to expand the Apexus 340B education options for health care buyers. Before assuming her current role, Elizabeth was a corporate pharmacy business and technology manager at a 600-plus-bed disproportionate share hospital in Raleigh, N.C. She was responsible for overseeing all 340B-related operations, including program compliance, contracting, and inventory management. She also was instrumental in building and implementing new 340B split-billing software for the system. Elizabeth completed her bachelor of science degree in computer information systems at Georgia Southwestern State University and her master of science degree in management healthcare administration at Troy State University.

Chad Johnson

Chad Johnson, PharmD, MBA, 340B ACE
Manager, 340B Education and Compliance Support
340B PVP, Apexus

Chad Johnson, PharmD, is Manager of 340B Education and Compliance Support at Apexus. He is responsible for working directly with 340B stakeholders to support compliant 340B programs. Prior to his current role, he was 340B Program Manager at Froedtert Hospital, a 550-bed disproportionate share hospital in Milwaukee. He completed a two-year health-system pharmacy administration residency at Froedtert Hospital and has prior work experience at Walgreens Pharmacy.

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