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340B Prime Vendor Program


As the government's awarded 340B Prime Vendor, Apexus is responsible for securing sub-ceiling discounts on outpatient drug purchases and discounts on other pharmacy-related products and services for participating public hospitals, community health centers, and other safety-net health care providers electing to join the program.

The Prime Vendor Program serves participants in three primary roles:

  1. Negotiates sub-ceiling 340B pricing on branded and generic pharmaceuticals
  2. Establishes distribution solutions and networks that improve access to affordable medications
  3. Provides other value-added pharmacy-related products and services to its participants

The 340B Program enables hospitals, community health centers, clinics and other safety net providers to purchase outpatient pharmaceuticals at discounted pricing, thereby expanding access to care to low-income and vulnerable segments of the population.

The program is a free federal benefit to all eligible entities and requires registration with Apexus to have access to the sub-ceiling pricing.

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