Highlights of 340B University

Wednesday, November 17, 2021

Webinar Description

This educational session offers a high-level overview of a few selected topics typically presented at a 340B University in-person event. Participants will gain insights into the 340B Program, its requirements, and its stakeholders. 

Learning Objectives

  • Share basic principles of the 340B Drug Pricing Program
  • Describe covered entity compliance cornerstones, including prevention of diversion and duplicate discounts
  • Explain 340B pricing calculation and the role of manufacturers and wholesalers
  • Discuss common questions submitted to Apexus Answers

Participant knowledge level: Beginner level of 340B experience; refresher opportunity for intermediate to advanced 340B participants

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Apexus Answers Call Center

For questions, or to request additional information regarding specific 340B Prime Vendor Program services or programs offered by Apexus, please see contact information below:


888-340-BPVP (2787)

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340B Prime Vendor Program (PVP) Resources

HRSA Office of Pharmacy Affairs >

Access 340B Drug Pricing Program information on the HRSA website.

Medicaid Exclusion File Clarification >

View the policy release clarifing the use of the 340B Medicaid Exclusion File to prevent duplicate discounts.

340B OPAIS >

Search the Office of Pharmacy Affairs database.

Apexus Answers >

Your source for reliable 340B information that is aligned with HRSA policy.

340B University Education Library >

Online or in person, curriculum is available at no cost to support program integrity. Choose the solution that fits your needs.

340B Tools >

HRSA-reviewed tools that include policy and procedure templates, auditing plans, and additional resources to promote 340B Program integrity.

Medicaid State Profiles >

A searchable state-by-state resource to help stakeholders access the most recently available 340B-specific Medicaid data combined with publicly available federal data.

Education Roadmap >

View all education available to you by stakeholder type and common paths to advance your 340B knowledge.

Highlights of 340B University Slides >

Download the webinar presentation in PDF format.

Upcoming 340B University >

Join the PVP at future in-person 340B University trainings.

MDRP Drug Search >

View and filter active drugs that have been reported by participating drug manufacturers under the Medicaid Drug Rebate Program.

Section 1927 of the Social Security Act >

View the law detailing payment for covered outpatient drugs.

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